Introduction to Java

Java is a high level programming language that was originally developed in 1991 by  James Gosling while working at Sun Microsystems. He is also called as the Father of Java Programming Language. Other persons who also contributed to the development of Java are: Patrick Naughton, Chris Warth, Ed Frank and Mike Sheridan.

It took about 18 months to develop the initial version of Java which was named as “OAK”  after an Oak tree outside James Gosling's Office,But was later changed to "Java" after the Brand of Coffee "Java" as the Java Developers consumed a lot of Coffee during this development phase.

The first version was released officially in 1995 as Java 1.0 (J2SE) with the promise of "Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA)"

Is Java compatible with C++ ? Is Java an enhanced version of C++?

No! The syntax of Java might look similar to C++ but Java is NEITHER upward NOR downward  compatible with C++. The Only similarity between the 2 is that both are Object Oriented Language.

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