Floating-Point Data Types in C#.NET

A float-point data type is a numeric data type that can represent fractional values.

The below table provides the size, range and default values of floating-point data types.

Type Size(Bits) Range Default Value Data Suffix
float 32 -3.402823E38 to +3.402823E38 0.0F f, F
double 64 -1.79769313486232E308 to +1.79769313486232E308 0.0D d, D


Note: Type double is default float-pointing data type in C#. 

Example of Floating-Point Data Types in C#

float x = 1;   //valid
float x = 1.1  //invalid (By default 1.1 is double type)
float x = 1.1F //valid
double y = 1;  //valid
double y = 1.1 //valid
double y = 1.1D //valid
double y = 1.1F //valid (1.1F can be converted to double type)
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