Technical Interview

Techinical Interview is the round right after the Group Discussion Round. The previous 2 rounds i.e. written round and GD round are called "elimination" rounds. They act as filters to select only the candidates who have the ability to work in a team.
Technical Interview is the first SELECTION round. The aim of the interviewer is to get to know how knowledgeable you are and are you aware of the basics taught in your graduation.

These are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. You have to be really sound at your technical concepts. Brush up your basic concepts first. Most of the time the interview starts with the basic questions like what is a pointer? , what is a 3-D Array? , what is a static variable? ,what is a foreign key in DBMS?
    and if you can not answer these questions properly, your interview is gonna be a really short
  2. Once you start answering questions properly, the inteviewer would gradually increase the level of questions and stop only when either you are not able to answer any further or he is convinced that you can be hired!
  3. Be Confident of your Answers, sometimes the interview might try to confuse you by asking if you are really sure of the answer. Cross check your answer and if you feel that you are right , tell him confidently that the answer is right. But remember, sometimes when you are asked to be sure of your answer, it could be that the interviewer has noticed a mistake in your answer and is trying to give you a hint. So please do cross check you answer.
  4. You should never try to make up the answer if you do not know it. It is highly possible that the person sitting infront of you works on the same technology and any made up answer can show you the way out.
  5. If you are asked to write a program that you have never heard of, atleast make an attempt, never give up without trying. The first thing that the interviewer hates to see is a candidate giving up.
  6. As we have seen, sometimes the interviwer asks you to write a program which is quite big, for example: "Write a linked list program with all the functions possible". Well, in this Do not wait, just start writing the program, after defining the structure start listing all the functions that you are going to implement and then start writing the definitions of the functions. It is highly possible that after writing just 2-3 functions the interviewer would ask you to stop as he would have already seen if you have written the logic correctly or not.

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