HCF and LCM Aptitude MCQ and Answers for interview


The HCF of 3240 , 3600 and a third number is 36 and the LCM is 2x 35 x 52 x 72.

Find the number.


22 x 35 x 72


22 x 53 x 72


25 x 52 x 72


23 x 35 x 72

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Correct answer is : A

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3240 = 2x2x2x3x3x3x3x5 = 2x 3x 5

3600 = 3x3x2x2x2x2x5x5 = 24 x 3x 52

HCF of 3240 and 3600 and = 23 x 32 

So the third number must have (23 x 32 )    ---------- (1)

The LCM of the three numbers is  24 x 35 x 52 x  72.

LCM is the product of all the common prime factors raised to their highest power.

and out of the LCM 24 x  52  is taken from the first two numbers,

It means the third number must contain the remaining factors in the LCM i .e.  35 x  72  ------(2)


Using (1) and (2), we get the third number as :

23 x 35 x  72 .


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HCF and LCM Aptitude MCQ and Answers with Explanation

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