Date: 4th April 2011

Time : 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM (Yeah.. almost 8 hours with 30 minutes Lunch Break)

Venue : McAfee Softwares India Pvt Ltd, 2nd Floor, Pine Valley Block, EGL Campus, Domlur, Bangalore:71

Position : Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET)

No. of Candidates Called : 46

No. Of Vacancies: 2

Salary Offered: 5.5 LPA 

Number of Rounds of Interview:

  1. Technical   : 6-7 Rounds
  2. Managerial: 1 Round (Informal) 

We were asked to reach the venue by 10:15 AM with atleast 2 copies of Resume and 2 passport sized photographs.

There was an eLitmus Co-Ordinator (Siddharth), who collected the resumes of all the candidates and passed them on to the Hiring Team.

The Interview process started at 10:30 AM.

There were about 8 interviewers and So the interview process was really fast, as the interview was going on for 8 candidates simultaneously.

The rounds were of Knock Out in nature, and only the ones who cleared each round were called for the next round.

My Interview Experience:

Round 1

Duration: 1 Hour (10:30 - 11:30)

 The interviewer was a CCIE and hence, most of the interview questions were related to Computer Networks and C programming.

He started off with introducing himself and then asked me to introduce myself. And then the Technical Questions started:


Computer Networks:

1. Describe the OSI Model and mention the role of each layer.

2. What is the difference between a Router, A Switch and a HUB.

3. What happens in the background when you open a webpage on your browser.

4. What is a Broadcast Domain and Collision Domain?

5. What is TCP?

6. What is a Connection Oriented and Connection less protocol?

7. What is SSL?

8. Describe a TCP Handshake.

9. What is Checksum?

10. Write the IPv4 and IPv6 Headers.


Academic Projects:

1. What was your Academic Project?

2. Explain what was new  in it?

3. What was your Contribution.

4. Mention the Technologies used.

5. How Did You manage SSL certificates in your Project?


General Questions:


1. Why do you want to work for McAfee?

I could see the people working in their cubicles and they were just enjoying their time. Some were laughing out loud and others were working. 

I simply answered "I see everyone happy here..  And undoubtedly they work hard too.. That attracts me.. Moreover, The total employee strength is just 6000 and which would mean that the value of each employee is a lot more as compared to TCS , my current Employer. And Ofcourse, the Pkg :-)". and the interviewer burst into laughter ! 


2. What do you know about McAfee?

I knew almost everything about McAfee and I had gone through their Wikipedia Article thoroughly. At that time It was acquired by Intel and the acquisition completed on 18 Feb 2011 at the value of $48/share. Before that the value of each share was around $20.

At the end the interviewer said that I probably knew a lot more about McAfee and anyone he had come across even at McAfee :-).

I knew at that point that I was in!

The questions were not very difficult for me as CN was one of my favorite subjects.

By the End of Round 1 , we were reduced to just 15 Candidates.

Round 2

Duration: 2-3 Hours (11:30 - 2:15).

The interviewer then asked me to rate myself in C and DS, I said " 6 ", as I knew that these people were smart and would drag me down to 3 if I try to say any number higher than 7 :-)



1. What is a Linked List?

2. Why is it better than an Array?

3. Write the program for Linked List with all the common functions. (2 Extra Functions: Insert at Specific Position, Find a Value)

4. Reverse a Linked List.

5. Convert an Infix Expression to Postfix using a Stack. Write Program for it.

6. What is a BST? 

7. Write the program for Quick Sort.

8. Write the Program for Merge Sort.

9. Write the program for Binary Search.


------------------------------  Lunch Break  ( 30 Minutes )------------------------


Round 3

Duration: 1 Hour (2:45 - 3:45)

C Programming

1. What are pointers? 

2. He wrote some programs on arrays, strings, variable scope and asked me to write the Output.

3. Describe a Structure . Differentiate from Unions.

4. Write a Program for Fibonacci Series using recursion and Explain the Program through Stacks.

5. How would you find if a Linked List is Cyclic?

6. What are 2-D and 3-D Arrays?

7. What are Static Variables?

8. What are Storage Classes in C? Explain all of them.

9. What is a register variable?

10. Write a Program for Matrix Multiplication.


Round 4

Duration: 45 Minutes (3:45 - 4:30) 


OS Fundamentals:

1. What is a Process?

2. Threads?

3. Belady's Anomaly.

4. Thrashing

5. Fragmentation and Segmentation.

6. Round Robin Algorithm.

7. Explain Unix Architecture.

8. What are the Different types of Unix Shells?

9. Virtual Memory.

10. How would you test a Linux shell?


Round 5

Duration: 45 minutes (4:30-5:15)

This round was relatively easier and focused on common programs.

C Programming:

1. Write a program to count the number of words, characters in a statement.

2. Write a Program to reverse a string.

3. Write the programs for common string functions like strcpy, strcmp etc.

4. Write a Program for Palindrome.

5. Write a program to print the prime numbers upto 1000. The program should be Modular.


1. Joins in Database.

2. Common SQL Queries.(5-6 Queries were asked)

3. Normalization.

4. Explain Transactions.

5. What are triggers ?


By the End of this round I was completely Exhausted! I was barely able to see properly. I asked for water and asked If I could eat something (I had chocolates in My Bag !! )

Round 6

Duration: 45 Minutes (5:15- 6:00)

The Interviewer was awesome and he could see that I was very tired. He said

" I know You must have already gone through a lot , So I am not gonna ask too many questions".

1. What are the Binary Operators in C?

2. Write a program to find if the System is 32 bit or 64 bit?

3. What are Left Shift and Right Shift operators? Explain with Diagrams. What are their uses?

4. Exchange 2 variables without any temp variable.

5. Write the Memory Layout of a C Program.

6. Explain BSS, Heap and Stack.

7. Compilation stages of a C Program.

He asked some more questions though, which were not very tough and were mostly related to Core C.


Round 7

Duration : 45 Minutes ( 6:00 - 6:30 )

This was a managerial round and the interviewer was the Team Manager, in which I was going to be hired.

He asked me Just one Question:

Q. Why Should I take you over the other 4 persons .?

I mentioned that I was the topper of my TCS ILP training and showed him the TCS Harbinger Certificate .

I had also secured 1st Prize at a National Level Web Design Competition organized by Sun Microsystems, and had won some competitions related to Paper Presentations , Debates etc and had also won prizes for Sketching , Slow Drag (The Competition where you ride your bike as slow as possible). I could also make caricatures of people under 1 minute, which  I did for him  :-)

I had also worked in a short Film under the banner of : Ten Motion Arts

He was convinced after hearing all the stuffs

He explained about what my role was going to be and that I would have to learn Python as their framework was built on it.

I also came to know that all the interviewers were going to be My Team Members :-).

He also explained about the product that I was going to work on for about 30 minutes, I had no fucking clue what was he talking about... I was already tired and could hardly keep my eyes open. 


The day felt too long, but at the end I felt accomplished.. considering the fact that I had undergone a breakup the day before.


The offer Letter:

At around 6:35 PM the  HR came and asked me to fill in a form with all the details and said that they were gonna contact me soon.


I kept on waiting for their call ... for a few days... then a few weeks , By Now I had started feeling that they were not gonna call me..

but Finally I got a call after about 3 weeks. The HR said that they had to go through a lot of approvals. She asked me to send a soft copy of all my certificates.
The day after, I got another call from McAfee's hiring manager to discuss about My Salary...
He asked the compensation that I was expecting as I had some experience.. I told him that I was happy with the package that they were offering (5.5 LPA).

On the same day , I got a soft copy of the offer letter !! 


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