Date: 21 Sept 2014

Position : Software Engineering Associate


  • - Degree: BE/BTech (Any stream) / MCA from 2014 batch
  • - Eligibility score: Minimum 60% at BE/BTech level
  • - Exception for Maharashtra region universities: 55% and above at BE/BTech level
  • - Backlogs: No standing backlogs
  • - Good pH score

Salary Offered: Rs.300000/-  

Candidate's Name:  Gauri Shankar Badola 

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Hi Friends,

Today I'm going to share my interview experience of Accenture Services Pvt Ltd.

I had applied for the same through eLitmus and received the call for direct interview(Tech & HR) in Bangalore on 21st September.

It was basically a single tech+hr round. It was a mega drive through eLitmus so 6/7 people were being interviewed at once.

The tech guy told us the whole procedure they were going to follow.


1. The very first question was "Tell me About yourself "- I began with thanking him for giving me the oppurtunity to introduce myself. Then I told him my name, my graduation details. I didn't go in depth as he was having my resume and certificates in front of him. Then I gave him my family details, my father's profession and all. Further, I talked about my hobbies (solving brainteasers & sudoko, reading magzines), my strengths. I didn't go for weaknesses as I thought it wouldn't be wise to talk about weaknesses when you aren't specifically asked about it.

2. After that, he looked at my resume and asked me questions on my major project. I gave him a detailed explanation of what that project was all about and its working.

3. He then gave me a topic to talk about and went on to interview other interviewees. The topic that I was given was " You are the leader of a team of 4 members(including myself) and were given a project to complete within 2weeks,which actually requires 8men to complete within the same period of time. So how would you convince your team members to complete that project within time constraints ".

4. I had thought alot about how I would convince them, motivate them, make them do the project efficienctly, but as I spoke a line about it he changed the whole situation and told me that the other 3 members have left the team and now how would you encounter that situation. Now it was totally a extempore for me. I told him that I would ask for more team members and I won't just give up and that if it comes to me I'd do the whole project on my own. There were some cross questions that were basically put to make me give up on that situation but I didn't and then he said Ok and went to the next person.

The topics given to others were

1. What is HTML and tell me its uses and everything(for a CSE student)

2. What is leadership?

3. You like travelling, tell me about the place you last visited.

4. What is waste mangament (Biology Topic).

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ANKUSH 9/28/2014 10:18:44 AM

after the questions were asked, what did they ask u to do?? just wait outside or did they confirm ur job on the spot during the interview? 

sanjay 9/28/2014 2:05:33 PM

congrats ms. gauri

ankush 9/29/2014 8:00:27 PM


Gauri Shankar Badola 10/3/2014 7:12:42 PM

@Ankush, we were told to wait in the corridor and we waited like for 15-20 minutes and then our hall ids were called to confirm that we were in.
So basically you will know about your selection on the same day.

@Sanjay, I'm a guy {#emotions_dlg.tongue_out},by the way thanks {}

anu srivastava 10/8/2014 10:41:42 PM

thanks for sharing the valuable interview experience,,, plz can u tell me that untill when the hiring for 2014 batch take place and are there any chances for me bcz im a mechanical graduate,,,if i give my exam in nov will i get enough opportunity,, plz help

SIDDAHRTH TIWARY 10/8/2014 10:47:32 PM

and regardin joining and offer letter how much time it takes??

Ritu 10/10/2014 9:03:03 PM

@gauri: Hey first of all heartly Congratulations!! u shared experience is really very usefull.. i hav some questions... 1) does HR team goes for Project Details?.. if so do they cross check?... 2) for how much time group interview went for?.. 3) suggestion for main topics to go through?..any tips to crack interview..?

Gauri Shankar Badola 10/15/2014 1:03:20 PM

@anu, your welcome. I too am from non IT background and you will have lots of opportunities providing you score good in elitmus pH test. As far as i know there are rare recruitment of mechanical guys through elitmus. like 1 in a 100.
Currently companies are basically hiring for 2014 batch so they wont have to wait for our completion of degree and can provide us joining as they see fit.
Through elitmus there are always opportunities so appear for the test in November and secure good marks. And for 2014 batch,as far as I know, companies will recruit till March '15 atleast and after that they will start hiring for 2015 passouts. So you better give your best shot at this test.

@SIDDAHRTH, it depends on the company. Some of them give immediate joining like within 1 week and some extend that period for months. Guys placed in Accenture through eLitmus get joinig withn 1-1.5 months from the date of selection.

 @Ritu, thanks Ritu, thanks for your appreciation.
Whether it Hr or Tech, they definitively will ask questions regarding your Major Project atleast,some of them go further to Minor Projects, training and all.
I didn't get your second question,Are you asking that Do they cross check it from college/University, then a Big NO. They will ask questions about it and your answers explanations will be enough to help them decide that what you really did.

I can't recall the duration of that interview. Considering 1-2 minutes of intro followed by 2-4 minutes on Project details and 5-10 minutes of extempore depending upon your argument skills  Tongue Out we were done within an hour.

Just be confident and read your resume.

varun 11/14/2014 8:29:17 AM

thanks guari for sharing valuable information......i have given my elitmus last month and my scores are like verbal score 3.80 and percentile 12.82
problem solving 15.00 and percentile 57.70
quantitative 3.80 and percentile 43.32

and i have given my amcat too..and my amcat scores r quite better than is said that accenture drive through elitmus on nov 29th...can i get the call for that?? or do i need to take elitmus again??..and i have accenture drive through amcat but date have not confirmed yet

Abhishek 11/24/2014 1:08:49 AM

what is cutoff of elitmus for acceenture drive? & Tell me name of companies through which we can apply on the basis of elitmus...

Sowjanya 11/25/2014 9:01:31 AM

@Gauri Shankar: I got mail from elitmus stating to attend the drive for Accenture, but it's been said that I have to give the Aptitude test once again, as my current pH Test Score does not meet the criteria. So I am just scared how the test would be? i.e Pattern & Level of difficulty? So, could be please guide with any info. u have regarding this re-test? Thanks in advance...

Sowjanya 11/25/2014 9:13:28 AM

@Gauri Shankar: Hi, I got mail from elitmus stating to attend the drive for Accenture, but it's been said that I have to give the aptitude test once again as my current pH Test Score does not meet the criteria.So I'm just worried about how the test would be, i.e. Test pattern? Level of difficulty etc. So can you plz help me with any info u have asap. Thanks in advance.

zaheer 12/26/2014 2:12:16 AM

Thank you, it was use full to get to know


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Accenture eLitmus Interview Experience 2014