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Below are the FAQs that you might want to know, Try to find your queries like "Which subjects to Study for Placement?", "What is the difference b/w a Product Based Company and a Service Based Company?".
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1. What is Placement Yogi ?

It is a website aimed at helping fresers prepare for their placement which is backed by a strong group of Professionals who have worked in companies like CISCO, McAfee, TCS, Symphony, Juniper, Cognizant, Tech Mahindra.
We exactly know the selection procedure as some of us are involved in Freshers Off-Campus Drives too.
All of us had multiple job offers during our Campus Placement Days! , We have compiled all our experiences on this website and hope that it will help you guys!

2. How to prepare for Campus Placements?

That's what our website is all about! Go through the website , the Aptitude Section will help you clear the aptitude test round, the Objective Section will help you prepare for the written technical test, and the Interview Section will answer all your interview related Queries.

3. What is the difference b/w a Product Based Company and a Service Based Company?

Service Based Company: Companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro , Cognizant etc fall in to the category of Service Based Companies. The are the companies which work for other companies and create softwares based on the requirements of their Clients. For Example British Telecom is one of the many clients of TCS, and TCS employees are involved in creating the softwares like Billing System, etc for BT. Once the software is made, TCS also takes care of maintaining the software like Bug Fixing, feature enhancements etc..

Product Based Company: A product based company creates a product of it's own and then sells it in the market. The companies or individuals who wish to use these products pay for it and use it. Ex: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, CISCO etc are all product based companies...

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