Common Interview Mistakes

Nobody is perfect and when the job is important to you, you are bound to get nervous and make mistakes.
But if you know exactly what not to do, you would try your best to avoid them.
Consider these points :

Do not Oversell

Do not try too hard to impress, do not brag, or act aggressively. But in doing so, do not undersell yourself. Failing to emphasize the fact that you have related skills; discussing experience using negative qualifiers (i.e. "I have a little experience...").

Body Language

It is easy to create a negative impression without even realizing that you are doing it. Are you staring at your feet, or talking to the interviewer's shoulder? Be aware of what your actions say about you.

Lack of Honesty

The slightest stretching of the truth may result in you being screened out.

Negative Attitude

The interview is not an opportunity for you to complain about your current supervisor or co-workers (or even about 'little' things, such as the weather).
Lack of Preparation You have to know about the organization and the occupation. If you don't, it will appear as though you are not interested in the position.

Lack of Enthusiasm

If you are not excited about the work at the interview, the employer will not assume that your attitude will improve when hired.

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