Campus Interview

Campus interviews are one of the easiest interviews that you are ever gonna face. One of the major reason is that the interviewer is there to select you and not reject you. TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant are generally mass recruiters, They hire at least 50 students from every college. You just need to be among those 50 students.

The questions are mostly basic and checks your concepts and how well have you studied your subjects.Focus on subjects like C, C++, DataStructures, DBMS, OS and a little bit of Computer Networks.

Interview Duration

The campus interviews are generally not more than 30 minutes. In those 30 minutes they just need to know you attitude towards learning new things and how do you proceed to solve a problem. Sometimes, the interview might get over in just 10 minutes, Do not get dishearted and think that you are not gonna get selected. Infact, sometimes the interview might get satisfied with your answers or your self introduction and decide that you can be hired in just the first few minutes.

First Impression

"First impression is the last impression" . The interviewer looks at each and every details like:
How you enter the interview room, Do you ask before entering? , Do you ask before sitting? , Do you thank them when you are offered a seat?.
No interviewer would like to have an arrogant and over-smart person as his colleague. Try to be polite ,well dressed and energetic.

Rate Yourself

Try to find out what you are good at and be an expert in it. Instead of being a jack of all trades try to be a mix jack of all trades but master of one. Know all the subjects well but there should be one subject that you can confidently tell the interviewer as you favourite subject.
Finally you should be able to rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in each subject. Do not rate yourself too high, instead rate yourself an average number like 7 and then prove to the interviewer through your correct answers that you are better than what you rated. This would help you in 2 ways:
1. It means that you are confident but not over confident.
2. You would exceed the interviewer's expectations and hence have a higher chance of selection.

Figure out what you know and what you don't!

Almost always the interviewer asks you "What is your favourite subject?" , answer it wisely, Do not mention the subjects which you are not confident of. This is a platinum opportunity to turn the interview the way you want it to be, so instead of choosing too tough subjects or mentioning many subjects as your favourite, choose just one. Generally, DataStructures is a very good subject to mention as you favourite if you are a CS student.

Get you brains to work!

Do not expect the questions to be straight forward. Gone are those days when answering questions like "What is a pointer?" "what is an array?" etc. could land you into a job. Now a days, interview questions are asked to test you knowledge as well as How you apply the knowledge that you have to solve a problem, everything is important ,right from the correctness to the approach to the solution.

Do not hesitate to ask for help

It might happen sometimes that a very easy concept can slip off your mind, or while writing a simple program you can make a very silly mistake.
Remember the interviewer is not there to demotivate you, but to bring out the best in you. Just in case you are stuck, ask for a hint. Things might just click. Also, stay alert for clues as sometimes when an interviewer sees that your approach is almost right except a small mistake, he might try to give you a hint, or infact ask you another question whose answer can help tou solve the problem :-).

Count your accomplishments

Remember, succeeding in an interview also includes a good marketing technique, You should know your worth and when questions like "Why should we hire you?" is asked, you should be able to tell all the accomplishments that you have achieved till now, and prove that you are not just "another candidate" who wants a job.
Most of the candidates are stoned by this question and loose their confidence. So better have an answer to this question prepared well ahead.
Be humble while answering this question, DO NOT BOAST! , but present your accomplishments.
It will be a good idea to close your answer with also specifying what attributes and circumstances made you succeed.

Be Calm, have Clear Verbal and Sound Non-Verbal Communication

Calmness shows emotional maturity. True, being calm in a job interview is a difficult proposition, but then that is where it is required! Calmness does not imply being unenthusiastic or apathetic during the interview, but knowing that you are nervous and not letting it come in the way. A clear verbal communication implies clarity of the thought process. One should also watch out for the impressions made in non-verbal communication. Body language and facial expressions can assist you in establishing a good rapport with the interviewer. Pauses, silences and gestures may all indicate what you mean, understand, or would like to emphasize.

Interact with the interviewer!

The interview process is a two-way exchange of information. Make sure you also understand about the company, its activities, job requirements. The company is in need for good candidates and you need a good company to launch your career. Interview is an opportunity to present yourself and your skills to your best advantage. Make sure you make the most out of it. And YOU are the best one to do it!!

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