remove ^M characters from a file in linux

Sometimes you might find a lot of ^M  appended to every line in vim editor on unix/Linux

This is appended because there is a difference between how Windows and a Unix OS implement the end-of-line character.

In Windows, an end-of-line is implemented by a pair of characters - 0x0D0A (carriage return (0x0D) + line feed(0x0A)).

While, Unix-based machines  only use 0x0A (a line feed).

The ^M that you are seeing is a text representation of 0x0D (a carriage return).


There are multiple ways to remove these ^M characters:

In Vim Editor




Do not use shift+6 to type the ^ character, ^M is just one character not two, So to type ^M in vim type "Ctrl-v and press Enter"),


Method 2


:set fileformat=unix


Using dos2unix utility command

To convert the file and copy the converted file into another files

dos2unix yourfilename filename2


To convert the file in-place.

dos2unix -o filename






















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