Convert Python2.x code to 3.x | print Error and urllib2 error in python 3.x

You might have got this error :

print"Hey" SyntazError: invalid syntax


If yes , the reason is that you are trying to run a python 2.x code on python 3.x interpreter.

Python 3.x implements print as a method while python 2.x has it as a statement.


Lets consider that the file name is

You can solve it in 2 ways,

1. Install a python 2.x interpreter and then run the like this:(On Windows)


    i.e. point to the python2.x version of interpreter and run it .

2. Convert your code to python3.x using :

   You can refer:

Here is a sample Python 2.x source file,

def greet(name):
    print "Hello, {0}!".format(name)
print "What's your name?"
name = raw_input()

It can be converted to Python 3.x code via 2to3 like this :

$ 2to3 -w


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