Solved : InfoLinks Ad inside pre tag and code tag messing up the page

I recently faced an issue on my website using INFOLINKS AD.

My website has a lot of <code and <pre tags and somehow when the INFOLINKS were getting displayed inside these pre and code tags, they were getting rendered as it is i.e.


Here is the actual Picture:

Infolinks Ads inside Pre and Code tags

Consider that this is the code:

<pre >

My pre content appears here.


Now, If Infolinks were to correctly render it with an AD:

It should appear like:

<pre >

My pre content appears here.


 Where it underlined the "content".


But what really is happening is, it is getting displayed on the browser like this , disrupting the whole page!!! A Blunder !! 

<pre >

My pre <span id="IL_AD6" class="IL_AD">content</span> appears here.


I have raised a ticket for this issue and believe me, The INFOLINKS guys are so much supportive with their prompt reply that they got back in just a few hours and promised to resolve this issue ASAP.

In So, I had to either

1. disable ADS using <!--INFOLINKS_OFF --> to the whole content or 

2. disable ADS only inside these "code" and "pre" tags.

So in the mean time I decided to solve this using Javascript.

Here is my Solution to disable Infolinks only inside pre and code tags

Solution: Disable INFOLINKS ADS in pre and code Tags only 

Add this code to the <head> section of your website:

<script src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript">


          var newContent = $("code").html(); 

          $("code").replaceWith('<!-- INFOLINKS_OFF --> <code class="myClass">'+newContent+'</code><!-- INFOLINKS_ON -->');

 var newContent = $("pre").html(); 

          $("pre").replaceWith('<!-- INFOLINKS_OFF --> <pre class="myClass">'+newContent+'</pre><!-- INFOLINKS_ON -->');



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